Bruno Wälti ‘fell into the magic cauldron’ at a young age. An introverted observer of the world around him, he spent hours making and unmaking metal designs in his beloved Meccano. Later, he noticed how metal can react differently to different influences and this unpredictability captivated him.


Fascinated by this mysterious, subtle material, he decided to forge a permanent alliance by founding his company Bruno Wälti Constructions métalliques in 2001. After a decade of designing, developing, manufacturing and installing his creations for his clients, he grew interested in laser-cutting his own metal and renamed his enterprise Walcut SA.


In 2014 he began to create his own line of high-end furniture in unrefined metal. However, a key element still seemed to be missing. Beatrice Lits, who had developed the concept of a lampshade integrated into a metal frame, convinced him to introduce light to his furnitures. As the company’s marketing director, Philippe Perakis proposed to Bruno utilizing the added value of metal; capitalizing on its conductivity to distribute electricity to illuminate furniture without wiring or cables, as well as its magnetism for modularity.

At this stage, Bruno called on Davide Oppizzi, a Swiss designer, who developed the conductivity system and the design of the first fusion furniture/lighting ever seen: connect 690 – a screwless, wireless, cablefree revolution. A new adventure that will be launched at EURO Luce de Milan in April 2017.


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