A love letter

Do you remember, my love, the day we first met? Your architect introduced us. You were wary of my dense structure,found me expressionless and gruff. Your eyes lingered on my scars. Those scars are my welds, my love; marks of authenticity left by the touch of a human hand. Neither machine nor robot came near me. I tamed you by being myself: a creature of steel with a complex simplicity, made with sincerity, passion, born of a desire to explore unfinished materials, sober and changeable. You discovered that each unique part of my body was made for you alone. You were astonished to discover just how well my form could blend into any environment, any style. But still, this was not enough to truly win your heart. I had to try even harder,


do something grandiose.


I enlisted Swiss designer Davide Oppizzi to my cause, and entreated him to make me perfect. He transformed my constraints into virtues, softening the severity of my contours with brass and brightening my face with light. An ingenious and futuristic transfiguration that will reinvigorate my life, thanks to my metal conductor. I was renamed the furniture of light, and finally you were mine.


From then on, you loved to spend year upon year building, piling, and mixing up the 690 modules, lamps and accessories that compose my soul, each clinging tight to the next under the enchantment of magnetic attraction. You took pleasure in it, and believed I was truly magical. The fantastic compositions conceived for your boutiques in New York, your offices in Singapore, your apartments in Gstaad and your restaurants in Paris drew admiring crowds. I was your darling, and you reveled in revealing me to your customers and your clients, connected and wireless. I provided you with low energy consumption and safety.


The soft light from the OLED that shimmered on my enigmatic form, my lamps and accessories, seeming to draw from us constantly changing textures, and giving you a feeling of utter contentment. I was your haven of serenity. Unpredictable and surprising, I was simply perfect.


I am the connect 690 of your dreams.

Connect 690 for Manumeta, Monthey, Switzerland


Illuminated by LG Display OLED Light, Design by Davide Oppizzi DCUBE, Storytelling and Content Strategy by LES LETTRES D’OR, Graphism by OCTANE Communication, Textures Development by Béatrice Lits, adding photography by Emy-Sphere, Business Development by Philippe Perakis, Cimark.


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