From raw metal to warm light.

The innovative engineering of connect 690

Made of oxidised brass  to add a  touch of warmth,  the connector at  the heart of  this  furniture/lighting hybrid expertly balances advanced  technology and integrated design.


A masterpiece that serves as a bridge between the steel modules and transmits electricity to the lights and accessories. And entirely without wires or cables.


The connector – the designs masterpiece

Imagine a connector that is 69 millimetres long, which firmly clasps the lower and upper panels of the modules, lights and accessories, and which features a technology that circulates electricity throughout the conductive metal and distributes it to all the necessary elements. A feat of engineering embedded in a thickness of just 3 millimetres, which expertly manages both negative and positive charges, keeps the electricity at a low voltage, and ensures that power is ultimately delivered at 5.6 volts to multimedia devices and at 8.6 volts to lamps. An infallibly safe system that functions at low voltage.

The OLED technology

Imagine LG Display OLED Light lighting systems only 1 millimetre thick that receive electricity directly from the conductive metal. Emitting a soft, warm, non-dazzling light, and rendering colors in high definition, OLED technology lends both raw metal and oxidised brass plenty of scope to display their authentic, natural personality.

The base - the power source

A base whose dimensions are tailored to the ideal ratios of the connect 690 conceals the electronic management of the radio frequency switch and transformers. These transformers turn a 220-volt current into output voltages of between 8.6 and 5.6 volts. Energy savings are thus assured in this strategic, discreet and invisible system, concealed in brass or steel according to the style and environment.

A single switch for the connect 690

Whether you opt for three modules or fifty, a single switch can light up your whole composition. Integrated into the design of the connect 690, it is radio-frequency activated and thus entirely wireless. The switch can be installed wherever you please, or magnetically attached to your furniture/lighting system.

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