Even at the heart of the most solid material, there is still light.

Assemble, magnetize, illuminate.

No screws, wires or cables.

A world-first, ultra-thin furniture unit that lets light flow.

For the first time, furniture and lighting unite as one. Screws, wires and cables are nowhere to be found in a design that represents an aesthetic and technological revolution. connect 690 was created by Swiss designer Davide Oppizzi for Manumeta and is illuminated by LG Display OLED Light.

A many-faceted design

With connect 690, screws, electrical wires and cables are nowhere to be found, thanks to cutting-edge conductive technology. This innovation from  Swiss  designer  Davide  Oppizzi demonstrates  great  technical  skill, integrating  both the unit’s electrical system and LG Display OLED Light panels into metal that is just 6 millimetres thick. Gold-hued oxidised brass lends warmth to otherwise austere steel contours. Lamps and accessories are placed on the unfinished unit and held securely through magnetic attraction.


There’s a touch of sophistication in the interplay between the worlds of materials and numbers and the technological sphere: warmth and cold, lightness and heaviness, brightness and darkness,  craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, femininity and masculinity,  690 and its divisors. Underpinning it all, a complex discretion contained within a 6-millimetre-thick layer of metal that embodies beauty, balance and calm.

Synergy in 690 millimetres

Imagine eight modular components of different dimensions crafted from unfinished steel and cut to a 6-millimetre thickness. They can be stacked and positioned vertically and horizontally as you please. However they are arranged, your design will always exhibit a fundamental harmony at a perfect height due to the magic number of 690 and its divisors.

Unfinished metal - conductor and magnet

Lamps and accessories hold fast to the connect 690 through magnetic  attraction. Now imagine a ground-breaking invention in 6 millimetres of  metal that lights up the entire unit – a feat made possible only through  the mastery of the materials used at the Manumeta factory, which enables these pieces to be made precisely and to the highest quality standards.

Brass - reflector of light

With its reflective surface and golden color, brass imbues the somewhat  sombre, unyielding character of metal with warmth, intensity and a certain peace. The light from the OLED illuminates the unit’s metal surfaces to project shadows and reflections onto the surrounding spaces, creating a dramatic interplay of ambiance.

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