Manumeta, is an attitude

Inspired by the transience of nature

Each creation from our workshops begins with a meditation on the essence of the material world, reflections of an animate nature that shows us its fluctuating colours, structures and nuances in a never-ceasing eternal dance. Our work as artisans is to preserve this authentic aspect of the materials, enabling them to express their undiluted quintessence, their mysterious facets and their raw beauty.

Moving our clients is our motivation

To surprise our customers and give them the joy of becoming the creators of their own universe, of their unique personality – this lies at the very heart of our work. Each piece that comes out of our workshops has been made with passion and love, retaining the traces of this workmanship in its form. Our clients shape their environment according to their desires, with a result that faithfully reflects their individuality. And our furniture works its magic by means of the constant changes enacted by time on its substance, like an accumulation of cellular memories.


We love to play with paradoxes

Manumeta’s caprice is to create the unpredictable, with a wholly unshackled spirit, by combining paradoxes in a perfect equilibrium. We explore the infinite possibilities of raw materials by fusing them with state-of-the-art technological solutions. We then exploit these contrasts by teasing out their strengths and deficiencies, in order to develop unique, avant-garde products. Thus we lend to metal, in its extreme sincerity, timeless ways to reinvention and sublimation.

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